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Chanel, Other Luxury Brands To Ban Exotic Skins

Is that the right move?

September 28, 2019

Late last year Chanel announced it will be banning the use of exotic skins from their collections, saying the problem for them lies with the sourcing of exotic skins not matching their ethical standards and the difficulty obtaining responsibly sourced skins was a deciding factor in its decision to stop using exotic skins. The full list includes snakes, crocodilians, lizards and galuchat (stingrays).While these exotics don’t make up a large part of overall Chanel sales, it still represents an ultimate holy grail realm for many Chanel lovers. The version of its “Classic” flap handbag made from python skin sells for $10,300, nearly double similar items made from calfskin or tweed.

Following in suit, several other brands like Victoria Beckham have banned them from their collections, and high-end retailers such as Selfridges have said they will no longer stock products made from exotic skins – those of reptile species such as crocodiles, lizards and snakes – in order to protect wild populations from over-exploitation.

The controvery has also been brought to Prada’s attention and have made it all the way to their board of directors and there haven’t been any claims to ban exotic skins yet. They have however announced to go ‘fur-free’ by 2020. 

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